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 General Info

Love Hina

Minor Characters

Seta Noriyasu
A professor, tutor, martial artist, and archaeologist, Seta plays many roles in the series. He was once Naru's tutor, and she used to have a crush on him, he is currently a professor, but is often traveling around the world finding excavation sites. He's well built and tolerant, but always crashes his van and bleeds like crazy. 
Sara MacDougal
Sara was adopted by Seta because she dislikes her American parents. She makes friends with Shinobu and Su because she is a child who stays at Hinata Inn when her father is out on expeditions.
Urashima Haruka
Keitaro's aunt, Haruka seems to be the head of the Inn. She speaks monotonously, and always carries a ┐cigarette? in her mouth all the time (she never lights it up...if it is a cigarette).
Urashima Kanako
Keitaro's younger sister, not blood-related, and also one who Keitaro made a promise too. Evil, evil, evil, is what most people would think. However she does have her reasons, but she just doesn't understand true love and can't accept the fact that Keitaro has a relationship with Naru. She appears only in the Love Hina Again OVAs.
Amalla Su
Su's older sister. She hints some mysterious happenings in Love Hina, but they are all side stories that are supposed to make Su appear as a more dark and mystical character. Amalla has a pet white crocodile, probably for protection, and blows a flute to chant and control her crocodile. 
Mei Narusegawa
Mei, Naru's younger sister (not blood related- Naru's mother married Mei's father), appears in the later episodes to take Naru back home, right at a critical moment when Naru has to take the exam for Toudai (Tokyo U). She has deep respect for her family, and even wants Keitaro to hook up with Mutsumi in order to get Naru to come back home. Her hair style reminds me of Asuka's =). 
Shirai and Haitani
Keitaro's friends, they never seem to get anything. You can just call them losers, and they are often seen trying to get girls but get rejected immediately. 
Sakata Kentaro
Rich and popular, this guy is also a STALKER. He has literally spied on Naru ever since they met in the freshman year. He claims to have won her love, but things don't go as he planned, since Keitaro is whom Naru sets her eyes on. He ends up working for Haruka later.
Tama was given to Naru as a present from Mitsumi. She is capable of speaking and flying (not something an average turtle can do), but does so rarely. Su always threatens to eat her, and makes mecha-tamas replicating Tama. In one episode, Tama would follow Motoko around, which would always give her a scare.
Grandma Hina
Even though the series is named "Love Hina", Hina rarely appears. In fact she only appears as a significant character in episodes 1 and 23, in other episodes, she doesn't make enough of an appearance to be significant. Hina is Keitaro's grandmother, and judging by her insignificance, they don't seem to have a close relationship.

Characters:- Keitaro - Naru - Shinobu - Motoko - Su - Kitsune - Mutsumi - Minor
Episodes: Overview - Listing - Analysis
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