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 General Info

Love Hina

Shinobu Maehara

Seiyuu: Kurata Masayo
Birthdate: November 15, 1985
Height: 147 cm
Blood Type: O
Hobbies: Cooking, laundry... all that housework.
Quote: [In an Oh My God tone] Auu... then that was a date after all.

A cute junior high school student, Shinobu is perhaps the most innocent girl. She is in her stages of maturing, and is just learning about the necessities of life. Her parents were divorced, which outlines the tragedy of her life in episode 2. She decides, with the consent and words of Keitaro, to stay at Hinata Inn. She does all the housework, and is indeed a handy girl to have around the Inn. She is considered one of the children, and quickly makes friends with Sara and Su as they find secret passages hidden within Hinata Inn. And being that way, she is still growing up, and occasionally has some emotional problems that she has to face. Love Hina portrays Shinobu as a servile, obedient, young teen in her early stages of transcending to adulthood, who has a lot to learn about life.


She does indeed have some likes for Keitaro, along with many of the other Hinata girls. Gradually as episodes progresses, more and more girls have a little like for Keitaro, but all are very passive about it. She even rejects a guy's confession to hook up w/ her in the Spring Special.

Characters:- Keitaro - Naru - Shinobu - Motoko - Su - Kitsune - Mutsumi - Minor
Episodes: Overview - Listing - Analysis
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