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Love Hina

Love Hina and Love Hina Again Episode Guide/Analysis

***THIS SECTION IS A SPOILER, it gives a detailed explanation of what the episodes portray. It focuses on the relationship between Naru and Keitaro,  the role of Mutsumi Otohime, and certain other mysteries. The Episode Overview does not spoil anything, and is highly recommended that if you have not watched Love Hina, you should not read this section.

Love Hina:

Episode 1- Intro- Keitaro makes a childhood promise. This becomes more prominent in later episodes. Although the promise is a significant major issue in the plot of Love Hina, episodes 21-24 totally nullifies that promise and almost makes it seem as that promise meant nothing.

Episode 2- Incorporation of Shinobu- She becomes increasingly attached so Keitaro as episodes progresses, and even in episode 2, viewers can see she already has some affection for him.

Ep 3-5- Life style of Hinata Inn. Here the relationship foundation of Naru and Keitaro is set.

Ep 6- Mutsumi Otohime introduced. She appears to be a hinderance to Keitaro's relationship with Naru as Mutsumi attempts to steal Keitaro and Kentaro attempts to entice Naru later on. At this point, the viewer should be undecided who is with who. 

Ep 7- Sakata Kentaro introduced. This builds on the mystery of relationships as he tries to get Naru as his girlfriend by using intriguing riches and knowledge of relationships and a relatively suave personality.

Ep 8-10- Lifestyle and side stories. 
In episode 10,
Su and Amalla, her sister, have a little conflict involving a short battle. Su grows older (to about 17 years old), further adding to the mystery. Although it is a side story, it just adds some pizzazz to the plot line. Goto the Su character section for further info. 

Ep 11-20- Lifestyle, characterization, relationship focus. In these episodes, other minor characters such as Seta and Sara are introduced. Seta was once Naru's crush, and minor conflicts of her, Seta, Keitaro, and Kitsune are involved, since Kitsune likes Seta, Keitaro likes Naru, and Naru is undecided. Since Kitsune is the sly one, she tries to hook Naru and Keitaro together, which is done with constant spying. In one of the episodes, Naru came very close to kissing Keitaro. Motoko is a highly major figure in these episodes, and many episodes devote most of the focus to Motoko. In episode 19, Naru gets unusually possessed. At the same time the focus is on Motoko, hints of stronger relationships b/w Naru and Keitaro increase as in this episode Keitaro helps out possessed Naru with "more touching".

Ep 21-24- Unraveling of mysteries. Relationships settled. The relationship plot is to the climax. Keitaro and Naru start dating and the introducction of Mei, Naru's sister, and the unraveling of promises brings a strong twist to the plot, which is used to emphasize the relationship's strength-- since even "this" is not enough to break Naru and Keitaro apart.

Mutsumi claims that she is not the promised one. Ep 22- Mei comes to take Naru home, which causes tons of conflict and confusion and seemed like N and K were going to break apart and... Ep 23- Even Naru kisses Keitaro for the first time, meaning a goodbye signal for him to be with Mutsumi....but... Ep 24- Mutsumi confirms she isn't the promised one and Keitaro finally explains that he doesn't love Mutsumi, which results in a relatively touching scene with Naru coming back to Keitaro (after thinking her thoughts at home) and holding his hand running up the stairs to the shrine. At this perfect time, Love Hina plays the slow but beautiful song "Yakusoku"- sung by Yui Horie (Seiyuu of

Ep 25- Finale- focus on Motoko. It wraps up the series with a side story about Motoko. She explains her technique origin, and her childhood with her sister, which plays a major role in this episode. The series ended in comedy as Naru was possessed for the 2nd time by a strange sword, and Motoko saving the day.

Christmas Special- A touching side story with lots of plot and relationship focus. This episode is significant since both Naru and Keitaro confess their love to each other. Keitaro even said flat out, "Narusegawa! I love you!" This is a must watch episode; just because it's a special gives you no reason not to watch it. It is kind of the dessert of the series, an awesome dessert indeed.

Spring Special- Side event- wraps up the Love Hina series. An introduction of a Shinobu looking girl brings a relatively strange conflict between the girls, Keitaro, and a giant turtle. The significance of the spring special is that at the end, Naru says flat out "I like Keitaro" to Shinobu, in which Shinobu will bring that back up in the LHA OAVs. 

Love Hina Again OAVs:
Introduction of Kanako, Keitaro's sister, who has extreme personalities. Since viewers should be familiarized with the characters from Love hina, LHA gives a twist and plays on the characters by advancing the plot with the characters interacting with the extreme Kanako.

1) Kanako arrives to Hinata, appearing as a huge trouble maker. Many viewers will think she is an evil bit**. The ending theme, Be for You, Be for Me, in this version, is the Naru version sung by Yui Horie, which is the original variation. While the song plays, the camera pans up Naru.

2) As the plot progresses, Kanako clearly defines her reason for being at Hinata: she loves Keitaro, her non-blood related brother. I would think it's a strange issue, especially when Keitaro loves Naru. Furthermore, Kanako forces Keitaro to love her as she draws him to an ancient shrine that forces love b/w any couple who stays up for one night together. In the process of happening, the OAV ends in a cliffhanger, leaving a strong desire to watch the last one. The ending theme, Be for You, Be for Me, in this version, was altered by harmonizing the tone and lowering the pitch substantially. In the background they show the characters in puritan clothes, reflecting a sinister and gloomy ending. And of course, the camera pans up Kanako in this one.

3) In the last OAV, Naru has already been ostracized from Kanako and Keitaro, which poses a problem. The problem is solved rather bluntly, as Keitaro and Kanako are in the shrine, or tower, together, and Naru goes through a series of tests given by the Hinata residents. (You have to watch if for yourself to understand this. But you should already have watched this to read this anyway.) Of course, this is just to characterize them further, giving the last bit of characterization Love Hina can offer. In the denouement, Naru says again "I really like Keitaro!", Kanako is quite out of the picture (still mysterious and sinister), and the OAVs end mildly. The ending theme, Be for You, Be for Me, in this version, is a fast-paced rock-like variation. The camera pans up a lesbian looking couple picture of Naru and Kanako close together in bikinis.

Characters:- Keitaro - Naru - Shinobu - Motoko - Su - Kitsune - Mutsumi - Minor
Episodes: Overview - Listing - Analysis
Picture Gallery

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