Special Pokemon in Gold/Silver version!
How to get Ho-oh(Houou) and Lugia:
Ho-oh is the legendary bird in the first episode of pokemon. He appears gold in the episode, but he is actually rainbow colored. He is not psychic, but he is fire/flying. His moves at level 40 are Holy fire, gust, recover, and this circle move that makes Ho-oh immune to status effects for 5 turns. At level 70, he has fire blast, white rain dance, swift, and recover. How to catch him:
Go to the 4th gym town, the town where you fought the ghost gym. Go into this big house. Go down the stairs and you'll be outside. Go into the Tall temple and work your way up by jumping over tiles and stepping on warp tiles, hard to explain, but you'll find out. Not too hard.
talk to this man (picture) to get the feather (gold or silver, depending which version you have).
When you get to the top, you will see Ho-oh. It's level 40 in gold and 70 in silver. Good Luck!
Lugia is psychic/ flying. He is in the 2nd movie. His moves at level 40 are hyperbeam, this circle move, gust, and recover. At 70, hydro pump, rain dance, recover, and swift. Same thing as above, in siler you must have the 8 badges, in gold you must have the feather. How to catch him:
Go to steel gym city, surf south, calm down the whirlpool. There are many caves, go into the upper right corner one.You'll need flash. Once inside go to the right and choose the top path when it comes to a fork. Now you'll make your way to a waterfall, go down it, then surf up and you should find Lugia swimming in the water.

Colored pokemon:

Remember the gold/red gyrados you fought/cought? Well thats not the only colored pokemon, there are many but SUPER RARE. Their stats are almost the same, but it's fun to have. You can tell it's spacial if it shows stars when it comes out, and stars by it's gender. Check out this rhyhorn.
Eevee, Efui, and Burikki:

Many people are intrested in this one. Well, in order to get efui and burikki, you must get eevee. To get eevee, go to the 3rd gym (normal) city with the big mart, go into this house (picture), talk to bill, and he'll give you eevee. Make sure you have space in you top six. Another way to get Eevee is by going to Celadon City and paying 6,666 coins for one in the Game corner.
To get efui, give eevee lots of nuts, drinks, and make it happy at the happiness center. The happiness center is in the same city, the 3rd gym one. Go into the house with a stair, and go to the corridor, talk to this man, and he'll make a pokemon happy for 300 bucks. Train eevee at day.
happiness center (picture)
To get burrikki, do the same, except train it at Night.
If you don't understand this, go to my Gold/silver walkthrough to get a better understanding.
To get togikki, evo. of togepi:

Make togepi happy at the happiness center and train it 1 level. Pretty easy, huh?
Aerodactyl is very good in this game, he is fast, and has high attacks. How to get him:
Go to route 14 in retro world and talk to this lady after getting a chansey (picture). She will trade you the aerodactyl for chansey. Chansey can be found in the grassy area she is in.
Yadukingu (Slowking):

Go to slowpoke's well, and use strength on the rock. Surf and go through the stair. You will find yourself in a dead end. Talk to the guy, and he will give you the king's symbol. Equip it on to slowpoke and trade.
Nyrotono (evo. poliwhril):
Equip Poliwhirl with the "King's Symbol" and then trade it to another Gameboy. It will evolve into Nyorotono.
Hagnail (steel onix):

Equip onix with the metal coat and trade. You get the metal coat after beating the S.S. Anne. The gentleman gives it to you. BEWARE: ANYTHING THAT EVOLVES FROM METAL COAT GETS SLOWER! but stronger, of course, so it's still worth evolving.
Hassamu (#212)

  Equip Scyther with the "Metal Coat" and then trade it to another Gameboy. It will evolve into Hassamu.
Porygon 2 (#233)

Equip Porygon with the "Upgrade" item and trade it to another Gameboy. It will evolve into Porygon 2.


Kingadora (#230)

             Equip Seadra with the "Dragon's Scale" and trade it to another Gameboy. It will evolve into Kingadora.
To get the legendary dogs, follow these steps. First, you need TM 8, which breaks rocks. You can get that from the sailor by the shaking tree. Talk to him after beating him. Anyways, go into this house (picture). It is in the ghost gym town.
Keep on going, breaking rocks till you get....
Here. You see the dogs, they change their color, and run away. Look in the pokedex to see where they are. They run away often and it a pain to catch. But they are Very Strong. GOOD LUCK!! This is very tough, for experts.
raikou    entei      suikun
some more cool pokemon please and I'll post it up.
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